Fossil Encased

fossil rough stone brown bones
Outside is rough,
encased by rocks.
Your body’s tough
to handle shocks.
Escape from stones,
we all must strive.
Inside our bones,
we are alive.
Others escape
from armored walls,
So please proceed
when freedom calls.

Another fossil photo and poem. I have tried to edit some of my writing from many months ago before I wrote specifically to use with my photos. As a comparison here is my original writing that I messaged for only 3 people to see on October 29:

Escaping from the stones, we must all strive.
Inside we have our bones, and are alive.
But outside it is rough and blocked with rocks.
Your body must be tough (and wear your socks).
Others have escaped from armored walls,
So you too must heed the freedom calls.

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