Welcome to my page. I started it to combine my hobbies of photography and writing rhymes. Since I have also wanted to learn web development, I chose to make the pages myself. It has now become my amateur attempt at web page design.

All photos and words are my own. The rhymes started when I was sending text messages to my daughter. To maintain a bond, we would interpret picture card meanings. Over many months, I developed a daily routine to write verse. My original inspiration for a verse is not the point, it’s each reader’s interpretation that matters. I use my original rhymes with basic edits and add them to my own photos.

My photo collection is from where I now live and the few places that I have traveled over the last few years. They are based on what I found interesting at the time and not necessarily considering this project for verse and picture combination.

The poems on this site are my attempt to motivate anyone else needing some insights into life. The deeper interpretations or links to specific situations, I leave to the readers. I don’t claim to believe or promote all the ideas my rhymes portray, I am only the messenger for multiple viewpoints.

sunrise trees fog mist

I have ambitions for this site that so far do not match my ability. I will be placing daily images to this page. I will also post onto other social media.

There will eventually be a daily mailout for those who prefer email and want an earlier view of what I will post. Until my skills develop to email, We cannot know if any email addresses left on my form will be saved. Watch for updates.

Feel free to make comments in the discussions if you are willing to have your words available to the internet. Send an email if you only want me to see it. 

I’m still trying to improve the layout for both large screen and mobile phone viewing. Please tell me if something looks very wrong from your device.

email  me at email@pictopoems.com

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    1. Partha, Thank you for your comment. I’m trying to both consider multiple viewpoints and experiment with different styles. So I’m glad you enjoy many of them.

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