My Favourites

As I gain more experience, I will produce a few items that are significant to me. This is the page that I will add an explanation of my own interpretations and feelings for each of my creations.

Considering the renewed public interest in the history of exploited peoples, any light on the actual events may raise emotions.

There are many refugees even with today’s social unrest. So whether this represents whole families or individuals with major losses, it is a common human condition.

The image is from Detroit. There is a commemoration of US escaped slaves. Across the river is Canada where there was no institutionalized slavery.

The verse on this is from one of my messages to my daughter. At first I was looking for some nature landscape photo of maybe birds flying to fit the message.  Once I noticed this image, I was able to fix the contrast of the originally very dark statues.

I truly want to promote understanding among peoples of the world. The fact that our cultures differ should be no reason for not accepting others. While there is a lot more opportunity for people to see and appreciate the variety in the world, there are also factors leading to black and white thinking. All of us, no matter how open minded, can discover different ways that we have been unable to notice the nuances in humanity.

Analogies of faces and masks have been common. The idea of getting gifts from others that can permanently change our inside feelings versus our outward impression needs more analysis. I am grateful for kind people, but it is a rare person who has profound life-long effects.

The words and the picture complement each other well . I didn’t want to make the lettering too overpowering so I just added some dark around white.